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With VidUKon over for the year - or at least, for the next couple of months - I thought I should try catching up with things I kept thinking I should do and never actually got around to. Ok, that's not uncommon for me, I accept :P

I was very lucky at VidUKon - I got showered with gifts by the lovely [personal profile] goodbyebird, and not just any gifts, but chocolate and Walking Dead stuff!

Walking Dead Goodies

Walking Dead Goodies

The boxes are random TWD minifigs packs, and by blind chance - or with fearsome precognitive abilities - [personal profile] goodbyebird snagged me not just Herschel and Daryl, but also Daryl's bike. As you can imagine, I was chuffed to bits, although being a grown adult, I saved pushing Daryl around on his motorcyle on the table until I got home, because I need a certain amount of space before I start making brmmm-brmmm noises ;)

Date: 2016-07-08 02:27 pm (UTC)
goodbyebird: The Fifth Element: Diva Plavalaguna singing on stage. (ⓕ all the space opera all of itttt)
From: [personal profile] goodbyebird
Next time I'll bring you some Smash!. Actually thought that wasn't Norwegian, but have now learned better.
(posted the same pic twice btw)
Edited Date: 2016-07-08 02:28 pm (UTC)

Date: 2016-07-08 02:42 pm (UTC)
goodbyebird: Black cupcake with red frosting and horns. (STOCK cookies are for girl scouts)
From: [personal profile] goodbyebird
Gonna have to wait and see.


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