Jun. 28th, 2015 09:06 am
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I've been recording Empire as it airs on E4 here, and over the last few days I've watched my way through the nine or ten episodes I had recorded. It's a great show, but I have a question that's bugging me that I'm hoping someone who knows more about the US can answer...

Is there a legal reason why Cookie can't be declared the CEO of Empire Records? She seems by far and away the best candidate for the job, given how well she understands the artists the studio works with, her ability to charm investors, and her determination to keep things going. I know that having someone in the family running the company seems to be the goal, but Andre hasn't reconciled himself to living with his bipolar disorder yet, Jamal is still working out how to be comfortable in his own skin, and Hakim really needs to grow up. None of them are ready to run the company, and Cookie is awesome - she could easily spend the next 20 years running the company and grooming whoever she thinks would make a good successor for her once they're ready. Removing the pressure to step up and run the company would stop poisoning each of the children, too.

Given how good Cookie would be at running the company, I've been wondering if there's something like a law that declares that convicted felons can't be corporate CEOs, or if I missed the bit where it was explained that the IPO would fail to recruit investors if a felon was made CEO. Is that the case? Or am I missing something else obvious?


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