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Farscape vids! Farscape's a show that I missed almost completely when it was airing over here, and never managed to coherently watch when it was repeated. I had the chance to sit down and watch the show through with [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s which naturally led to lots and lots of vids. When I spotted that [personal profile] frayadjacent had just watched/rewatched Farscape and mentioned vids, so naturally I got nosey :P I have more Farscape vids tucked away on my computer than anything else other than BSG, so I thought I'd dig up a few of my favourites that met Fray's preference: supporting characters, especially Aeryn, Chiana, D'Argo, Pilot and/or Zhaan, and vids that focus on the wacky zaniness of the show.

Going through the vids I had saved reminded me that there are lots of vids I still haven't watched that I really should. Maybe over Christmas...

Farscape Twist, by Sammy - This always, always makes me laugh - watch it, and find yourself doing the twist...

Theories, by Brent Barrett - how could Farscape crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer not be great?

Flight of the DRDs, by Bruce Mikales - as the beings that arguably gave Moya more support than anyone else, don't the DRDs deserve their own video?

Scorpy Went Down To Georgia, by Dallascaper - I know that John and Scorpy weren't on the preferred list, but for me this song will always, always be associated with the muppets, and it does a great job of showing just how much the interaction between the two of them involved somebody tripping. Seriously tripping.

My Confessions, by Nebari Rebel - this vid is all about Chiana and John, and not in a romantic or a shippy way - it's all about the confessions of two exiled survivors who just keep surviving.

Moving Right Along, by SDWolfpup - I adore this John/Dargo friendship vid, and not just because it's the Muppets contributing the soundtrack.

Far Far Away, by Sammy - I find this to be a generally hilarious John/Dargo slash vid. It's entirely possible that I'm misreading it, and if it wasn't deliberately intended to be played for laughs, then I should apologise to the vidder - but it makes so much wonderful use of exaggerated gesutres and expressions and moments.

All Star, by Diarmi - I know that this is a Crichton-centric vid, but I love how it plays with the song to highlight the comical insanity that goes hand in hand with the tragic insanity that is Crichton's life on Moya...

Cherry Lips, by Roksx - possibly my favourite Chiana vid. I always thought she was a great character and a lot of the Farscape vids I've got are ... well, tend towards the angsty or shippy. This one isn't angsty or shippy - it's about how Chiana is marvellous.

Inbelievable, by LT Garrix - I mentioned that Chiana's a great character, yes? This is another vid about how Chiana is marvellous. Spot the theme...

Hallelujah, by LithiumDoll" - I haven't seen many vids that focus on either Crais or Talyn, and while this vid is much more sombre than those that normally end up on my lists of favourites, I found Crais an interesting enough protagonist as the show went on that I'm really glad this vid exists.

Wear Sunscreen, by LithiumDoll & Doc Wyrm - I've never seen a vid quite like this before. It's not really the sort of rec asked for, but it's one of those vids that I try and gently persuade every Farscape fan to watch at one time or another...

Somewhere I Belong, by EMPorter - I'm a little biased because I really like this song, even though I've now seen it vidded to everything out there, which makes me afraid to try and vid it myself. Firefly had some great characters, and I really like the way this vid focuses on three of the women aboard ship - Aeryn, Chiana and Zhaan - and things they've done or will do.

Judith, by Dangerous Mind Productions - this vid is one where I'm not sure I like how it's been vidded, although it's a really weird song in many ways. (I prefer the faster version of the song, personally). I think it's the only vid I've seen that really focused on the darker side of Zhaan's character, though - I really liked the background her character had, and the internal struggles she went through as she attempted to live to a different, higher set of ideals than that which she could easily lapse into.

Dirty Deeds, by LT Garrix - another vid where I'm not sure I really like the execution, but I adore the idea. And you have to ask yourself - how many Braca vids are there ever going to be?

The Weird Dargo Yankovic Show, by LithiumDoll (You need to download the zip file - definitely one of the zanier Farscape vids I've ever seen, this view of Dargo and his life is hilarious but also faintly disturbing...

Weapon of Choice, by Sammy - I've loved this video since the first time I saw it. I found it via a vid rec I think, and it's such a superb piece of comic vidding; if you're anything like me, you'll probably end up giggling maniacally as Dargo demonstrates one of those things he loves...


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