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For this year's VidUKon, [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s suggested to me that we try putting together a show dealing with abusive relationships, and the effects of abusive behaviour on those involved and those around them, with the relationships including not just those between onscreen characters, but also relationships such as that between show writers and their characters, show writers and their audience, and so on. It turned out to be a complicated show to put together in a surprising number of ways; thinning down the list of videos to include took hours, and that was after days and days spent hunting out vids we thought might work and pitching them to each other. the final downselection was particularly brutal, with several vids that one or both of us really wanted to include, but just not enough running time.

I debated listing some of the videos that didn't quite make it into the show, but decided that it wouldn't really be fair. I was a little surprised by how well the conversations with the various vidders went when it came to requesting permission to include their vids - I envisioned the conversations getting quite difficult when it came to explaining what the show was about and how it related to the various vids, but in every case where the topic came up, the response was along the lines of saying how interesting the show sounded. That was great in some ways - I'm never quite sure when pitching show ideas how well they might go down, particularly on subjects that would naturally lend themselves to being rather difficult. I'm very grateful to every vidder who agreed to have their vid shown - I think it worked well as a show, although I remember the various vids getting applause, and then silence at the end of the show itself. I'm not sure I've ever seen a show get silence as a response.


1. Counting Bodies (Remastered) by [personal profile] milly
Fandom: Angel (the series)
Warnings: Physical triggers (e.g., strobe lights, bright lights, 'stuttery' cuts, ect)
Description: What of fathers and their children?

2. Part of the Queue by [profile] river_boat
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Warnings: Depictions of abusive behaviour and violence
Description: How does someone's home life spill out of every seam in the fabric of their life?

3. Cold by [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Warnings: Violence
Description: even a genuinely loving relationship can feature abusive behaviour - particularly if those involved have a history of being abused

4. The Killer in Me is the Killer in You by 1SnoWhiteQueen1
Fandom: Smallville
Description: Can abusive behaviour from a parent lead the children to the same fate?

5. Crashing Around You by [profile] halcyon_shift
Fandom: Farscape
Warnings: Physical triggers (e.g., strobe lights, bright lights, 'stuttery' cuts, ect), Graphic Violence
Description: Some relationships are openly, obviously toxic.

6. Pretty When You Cry by [personal profile] lilly_the_kid
Fandom: Love is the Devil - Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon
Warnings: Suicide, BDSM, disturbing imagery
Description: Some relationships completely destroy one or more of the people involved.

7. Like Oh, Like H by [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Warnings: Child abuse, violence, anger, dark themes
Description: What of mothers and their children?


8. Tom Vs Jerry by MigeL
Fandom: Tom and Jerry
Warnings: Lots of cartoon violence
Description: How ingrained is abusive behaviour in our storytelling?

9. Coin-Operated Boy by [personal profile] sdwolfpup
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Description: How do creators have their favourite characters treat the people they're in relationships with?

10. Open Your Houses by [personal profile] sweetestdrain
Fandom: Twilight
Description: What messages do we send to our children about what love is?

11. Run Boy Run by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Description: How do creators treat their female characters?

12. Tandemonium by [personal profile] jarrow
Password: wtf
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Description: How do creators treat their audiences?

13. My soul Is Bleeding by TheUnlimited
Fandom: Ruroni Kenshin OVA (Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal)
Warnings: Graphic violence, major character death, graphic violence
Description: Righteous anger and the desire for vengeance and and will destroy both the carrier and the people they love.
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